Language and Interculturality in the Digital World


Fergal Lenehan , Luisa Conti , Milene Mendes de Oliveira , Roman Lietz

Year: 2024

Lietz, R., Mendes de Oliveira, M., Conti, L., Lenehan, F. (2024). Sprache und Interkulturalität in der digitalen Welt / Language and Interculturality in the Digital World. Berlin, Germany: Peter Lang Verlag.

Keywords: digital interculturality, Europeanism, power, identity, positioning, expatriates, peer feedback, online reviews, Heimat
Language(s): English, German

The contributions to this volume address the blending of language, interculturality and digitality. The nine chapters investigate how (inter)culturality is manifested in various settings of digital communication – from YouTube to Tripadvisor and Twitter – and how it becomes intertwined with sets of communicative strategies and complex displays of identity.

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