Debriefing für die interkulturelle Teamentwicklung – methodische und beziehungstheoretische Überlegungen


Nick Ludwig , Stefan Strohschneider

Year: 2023

In: Busch, Dominic / Vatter, Christoph (eds): "Neue Konzepte der Interkulturalität in der Arbeit mit Klienten, Kunden, Freiwilligen und Teams / Re-Thinking Interculturality when Working with Clients, Volunteers, and Teams", Interculture Journal 39, 2023

Keywords: debriefing, training, didactics, intercultural team building, facilitator
Language(s): German

Debriefing refers to the process of shared reflection and evaluation of a specific expe rience in a team on a meta level. This process receives increasingly more attention in the context of (intercultural) team training as an independent methodological com ponent. Most studies focus on the forms of debriefings and especially on the evidence of their effectiveness. The question of the relationship between trainers and learners, however, is rarely addressed. This paper argues that the design of this relationship si gnificantly influences the process and the results of debriefings. The paper outlines the history and relevant concepts of debriefing. It then identifies possible areas of application before it classifies forms of debriefing in terms of the exercise of power by the person facilitating the debriefing. Finally, factors that have an influence on this power relationship between the team and the facilitator are reflected in a critical way,

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