Falcon als Schwarzer Captain America – Diskussionen über Repräsentation und (Cyber-)Rassismus im Marvel-Universum


Julian Biskamp , Roman Lietz

Year: 2022

Interculture Journal, 21 (36), p. 85-106

Keywords: Comic, cyberracism, fandom, representation, white normativity
Language(s): Deutsch

Discussions regarding the representation of people of colour in TV series and other media products are present, relevant and very much active, and currently pose a challenge to society. Unsurprisingly, superhero stories such as those in the Marvel Universe have been also affected. The series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021) addresses racism in an unprecedentedly explicit manner. With the character of Falcon, for the first time a Black American is appointed to the emblematic role of Captain America. Such developments, which show a continuity at least since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, have triggered harsh discussions within fandom. Verbal disputes are currently taking place primarily online. This article embeds these discourses in the Critical Race Theory concerning media reception. It explains the special conditions of fandom and illustrates developments and current discussions regarding representation and (cyber-)racism in the Marvel Universe.


Post created by: Lymor Wolf Goldstein

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