LGBTQ+ and Feminist Digital Activism


Angela Zottola

Year: 2024

Cambridge Elements in Language, Gender and Sexuality

Keywords: LGBTQ+ digital activism, digital feminism, #wontbeerased, language practices, social media discourse analysis
Language(s): English

This Element focuses on the linguistic and discursive practices employed by digital citizens to promote their causes on social media, that is to engage in digital activism, drawing attention to the growing importance of this phenomenon in relation to gender identity and sexuality issues. I propose the label LGBTQ+ Digital Activism to join the already existing one Feminist Digital Activism and argue that, while these have been areas of interest from sociology and communication specialists, digital activism is still to be embraced as a field of research by applied linguists. I point out to a number of linguistic and discursive features that are popular among digital activists and support this through the analysis of the use of the hashtag #wontbeerased combining Social Media Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies. I suggest that further research is needed to explore how language is used to propagate and popularize emancipatory discourses online.

Post created by: Lymor Wolf Goldstein

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