Global Digital Intimacies

Date: 27.06.2024 - 28.06.2024
Conference / symposium
Format: hybrid
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Global Digital Cultures Initiative , University of Amsterdam

the Global Digital Intimacies conference aims to gather together scholars from around the world to investigate digital intimacy in all its varieties. We understand digital intimacy as affect, labor, a form of being, and structure of feeling. It takes shape through the digital, but is deeply material. It includes love, sex, and sexuality, but also wider sets of relations. Intimacy is conceived as a function that brings together humans and non-humans, shaping communities and identities. As Lauren Berlant (1998, 281) argued, it "involves an aspiration for a narrative about something shared, a story about both oneself and others that will turn out in a particular way". Intimacy is a political experience, transcending the public and the private. Intimacy, as a structure of feeling, can bring social movements together, it can feed into fantasies about a better life, but can also propel conservative nostalgic and nationalistic discourses. What are the political implications of digital intimacies, and how are different forms of governance trying to steer or control these politics?

Call for Papers

Global Digital Intimacies
Deadline: 01.02.2024

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