The Digitalization of EU Borders and the Production of Vulnerabilities

Date: 13.06.2024 10:00 - 18:00
Conference / symposium
Format: hybrid
Language(s): English, German
Location: Berlin, Germany
Event Fee: Free

Boell Foundation

The symposium takes a closer look at the digitalization of EU border security and to place it in the broader context of the EUI law recently adopted by the EU and the "New Pact on Migration and Asylum". On two panels we ask: How is artificial intelligence being used and what are the consequences of this technology for people on the run? To what extent does the digitalization of EU borders endanger the fundamental and human rights of refugees? At the same time: How do those affected defend themselves? How do the expanded video surveillance, the use of robodogs, lie detectors and the intensified use of language and dialect recognition programs affect the right to asylum? And what can politicians and civil society do to strengthen the right to asylum, mobility and humanitarian aid? It is important for us to understand these new digitalization technologies in the context of flight and asylum as a legacy of colonialism and to shed light on the extent to which they reinforce the marginalization of people and create vulnerabilities.

Post created by: Roman Lietz

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