NIC Conference 2024 "Intercultural Communication and Professional Practice"

Date: 27.11.2024 - 29.11.2024
Conference / symposium
Format: onsite
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Event Fee: Free

VID Specialized University

The 2024 NIC conference will have as main focus "Intercultural Communication and Professional Practice". Individual papers will receive 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The proposal can be sent in here: Call for papers - NIC conference 2024 - Nettskjema The deadline for submitting your abstract is 01.06.2024 We also welcome submissions on topics that explore other aspects of intercultural communication, for instance: Intercultural Competence in Educational Settings: Pedagogical strategies for development of intercultural competence Intercultural competence in educational frameworks Digital platforms and technologies enhancing intercultural learning Education to sustainable development in multicultural societies Sustainability Teaching in Worldwide Theology: Eco-theology across different cultures Role of religious institutions in promoting intercultural competence Interculturality and sustainability Cultural narratives and perceptions of the Anthropocene Intercultural competence in addressing the global climate crisis, both in mitigation and adaptation Importance and preservation of bio-cultural diversity Interculturality at front-line professional practice Culturally sensitive service provision at the front-line professional practice Challenges and solutions in delivering intercultural services Intercultural understanding between service providers and diverse communities Sustainable development in social work practices Intercultural management – cross cultural management – diversity management Strategies for enhancing communication and cooperation across cultures at the workplace Cross cultural management at the contemporary workplace – the multiplicity of intercultural encounters Encounters with the Norwegian labor market Inequality regimes and intersectionality Contributions by senior as well as young scholars and doctoral students are welcome. Practitioners are also encouraged to submit their contributions, which can offer new insights into the various aspects of cultural encounters and professional practice.

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