FROG – Future and Reality of Gaming 2024 “Gaming the Apocalypse” 18th Vienna Games Conference

Date: 11.10.2024 - 13.10.2024
Conference / symposium
Format: hybrid
Location: Vienna, Austria
Event Fee: Free

Center for Applied Game Studies , University for Continuing Education Krems

The 18th Vienna Games Conference – FROG 2024 – is dedicated to connections between play & games, crisis and hope, and invites game scholars, creators, educators, students, activists and enthusiasts from around the globe to come together and reflect on the apocalypse through a lens of games & play. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: Games about the apocalypse: what fascinates us about doom, and how is the (post-)apocalypse “modeled” in games? What makes the end of the world such a fruitful premise for computer games and other media? Games for a sustainable future: in what ways can games help understand the problems we face today, and how can they assist us develop strategies to save it? Apocalyptic visions in games: how do games change the ways we think about our world and the threats to it? Is there something specific about the dystopian futures presented in computer games, and what can games help us see about the future (and what do they obscure?) that other media don’t? Gamers against doom: what are the skills games teach us that can help us face the future together? Are gamers better equipped to face the challenges of a world in crisis? And can gamification help to bring humankind together across ideological divides to avoid its downfall? Games in education for crisis awareness: How can game-based education approaches help to inform and educate about current or imminent crises? What potential do games have to simulate crisis scenarios and develop critical thinking? And how can they foster resilience, not only during times of crisis, but also against the disconcerting effects of (fake) news and conspiracy narratives that herald impending doom? Games for hope: what are the visions for a better future that games can promote? Can games instill hope differently than other media, and in what way? And how can we avoid that such hopes end up in mere escapism, but foster real life action instead?

Post created by: Lymor Wolf Goldstein

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