DigiCAM25: Born-Digital Collections, Archives and Memory

Date: 02.04.2025 - 04.04.2025
Conference / symposium
Keywords: born-digital, digital cultures, web archives, social media, humanities
Format: hybrid
Location: London, United Kingdom
Event Fee: Free

University of London School of Advanced Study

Digital research in the arts and humanities has traditionally focused on digitised objects and archives. However, born-digital cultural materials that originate and circulate across a range of formats and platforms are rapidly expanding and raising new opportunities and challenges for research, archiving and collecting communities. Collecting, accessing and sharing born-digital objects and data presents a range of complex technical, legal and ethical challenges that, if unaddressed, threaten the archival and research futures of these vital cultural materials and records of the 21st century. Moreover, the environments, contexts and formats through which born-digital records are mediated necessitate reconceptualising the materials and practices we associate with cultural heritage and memory. Research and practitioner communities working with born-digital materials are growing and their interests are varied, from digital cultures and intangible cultural heritage to web archives, electronic literatures and social media. This international conference seeks to further an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral discussion on how the born-digital transforms what and how we research in the humanities. We invite contributions from researchers and practitioners involved in any way in accessing or developing born-digital collections and archives, and interested in exploring the novel and transformative effects of born-digital cultural heritage.


Call for Papers

DigiCAM25: Born-Digital Collections, Archives and Memory
Deadline: 15.05.2024

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