Navigando nell’era Onlife: ripensare l’educazione in un mondo digitale/ Navigating the onlife era: rethinking education in a digital world.

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Keywords: onlife educazione education digitalization

The key themes of the call are: • The onlife paradigm: To explore the interconnected nature of our digital and physical lives, emphasising its impact on individual development and societal interactions. • Critical awareness in education: The objective is to address the challenge educational professionals face in developing critical awareness that is capable of understanding the intricate relationships between individuals, technology, and culture. • Modern educational practices: To investigate innovative approaches that can translate this understanding into modern educational practices, emphasising promoting existential balance. • Digital literacy and identity: The goal is to address the importance of using digital technologies to nurture a new sense of existence in younger generations while also striving to bridge the digital divide and promote equal access to education and opportunities. • Virtual body and identity: With the perspective of discussing the primary challenge faced by educational professionals in developing critical awareness of the intricate relationships between individuals, identity, real, and virtual body.

Corpo , Società ed Educazione

Deadline: 29.06.2024
Language(s): Italiano English
Publication-Type: Article

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