Digital Media and Gaming Culture – NEPCA Hybrid Fall Conference 2024

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The 2024 Northeast Popular Culture Association (NEPCA) will host its annual conference this fall as a hybrid conference from Thursday, October 3 – Saturday, October 5. Virtual sessions will take place on Thursday evening and Friday morning via Zoom, and in-person sessions will take place on Friday evening and Saturday morning at Nichols College, Dudley, Massachusetts. Considering the significance of virtual technologies to our contemporary moment, presentations that grapple with the complexities of the digital in our daily lives, such as the use of artificial intelligence technologies, are particularly welcome. For this conference, think about the expansive potential of the concepts of “digital media” as well as “gaming culture”; we want to be able to represent a wide range of projects that fall within these categories. Presentations can consider digital media and gaming culture from a narrative, technological, or analytical perspective and are not limited to traditional papers. We encourage presentations that offer discussion of the applications of gaming; tutorials on digital media and/or gaming practices; and sessions that center gaming, as a practice, for the session itself. Non-digital gaming is also encouraged, as are experiments with gamification in the classroom. Finally, analyses of individual game titles or types are always welcome. Topics that might be covered include, but are not limited to: Analysis of particular game type(s) and/or title(s) through particular analytical lens(es) Discussion of gaming practices and/or digital media practices in daily life and/or education Practice-based reports on the implementation of digital media and/or gaming within one’s own work (art-making, social interaction, the workplace, education, etc.) Workshops on gamification of class activities and/or game-based learning Analysis of practices of play that happen within gaming and/or digital spaces We welcome those who have not previously presented at conferences, especially those new to this field. In your proposal, feel free to center your own experience as a player of games or participant in digital culture, as well as offer scholarly engagement with the material.

Northeast Popular/American Culture Association

Deadline: 15.06.2024

Event: Digital Media and Gaming Culture – NEPCA Hybrid Fall Conference 2024

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