Remedies against the Pandemic: How politicians communicate crisis management


Daniel Weiss , Nadine Thielemann

Year: 2023

Thielemann, N., & Weiss, D. (eds.) (2023). Remedies against the Pandemic: How politicians communicate crisis management. (1 ed.) John Benjamins. Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture Vol. 102

Keywords: crisis communication, leadership communication, cross-cultural comparison

The present volume offers a fresh perspective on political top-down crisis communication across several countries during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes how leaders address the growing awareness of the dangerous impact of social restrictions, along with the controversies surrounding the first vaccination campaigns. Not limited to the Western world, it also offers insights from six East European countries, Uganda, India, and Palestine. Topics discussed range from inconsistent communication patterns to populist xenophobic accents, propagandistic campaigns on vaccines, the impact of authoritarian systems on crisis communication, the contrast between scientific and African folk medicine, and the use of war metaphors. By adopting a comparative perspective, this volume contributes to the growing body of literature on crisis communication during the pandemic, while highlighting important issues and perspectives that have yet to be extensively explored. Moreover, it aims to bridge the gap between linguistic and communication research on leadership communication during times of crisis, stimulating an interdisciplinary dialogue.

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